Mid February

Preparations have been underway for the floor screed on the ground floor.  This is a mix of sand and cement reinforced with fibre.  Finally a vinyl covering will be added on top of the screed, for example, in the tearoom and entrance foyer.

The glazing has been completed in the entrance foyer.  These windows have a self cleaning film so could only be cleaned with water once installed so as not to damage the film.

The majority of the plasterboard is in place and the high level areas in the tearoom have now been plastered (this required a bird cage scaffold).

A big change has been the removal of most of the scaffolding.  For the first time the appearance and detail of the building’s construction is revealed to the passer by.

The carpenters are installing the window frames and the final section of cladding will then be fitted to the windows.  The doors should be in by the end of the week.

The ‘first fix’ is completed before the plasterers move in.  It includes all of the bits that are never seen, buried in the walls.  The ‘second fix’, including plug sockets and the like, should be underway by the end of the month, allowing enough time for the plaster to dry.

The groundworkers will be back on site soon to commence external works, preparing for paving and landscaping and finishing the drainage.


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