Almost there

The carpenters have completed their ‘second fix’.  The internal doors are on – there is still a little bit of ironmongery to add once the painters have finished.

The electrician has finished apart from testing and commissioning, while the mechanical engineer has a couple more brackets to add to the pipe work.

Shelving has been installed in the upstairs and downstairs storage rooms.

The decorator is working his way through the building.  A second coat of paint has been applied to the floor of the ground floor store.

The groundworkers have completed the external paving (there is now a beautiful patio outside the tearoom) and tarmac is being laid at the front of the building.

The decorator is the last trade to finish.  Cleaning and air testing (taking measurements for heat loss) is arranged for the early part of this week.

Any necessary training for new equipment will be provided.  For example, the mechanical engineer will run through the controls of the mechanical switchgear (water and electric control panels).

Final handover is scheduled for Wednesday 4 April.  Two or three days beforehand the architect goes around to ‘snag’ the building (spot any final jobs that need completing).  When the architect is happy with the work he signs a completion certificate.  The keys to the building are then handed over.


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