Early February

The roofing is almost complete, with a few adaptations being made around the glazed area.  The carpenters have finished the oak cladding and are now cladding the east side of the building.

Plasterboard is going up on the first floor, screwed to the timber walls.  A very fine layer of plaster will then be skimmed on top.  Wet plaster is used directly on any light weight block walls.

This is carried out by a plasterer.  It is highly skilled and hard work, plasterers having to use their arms continuously to get a smooth finish.  The colder it is the longer it takes for the plaster to set.

A plasterer first undergoes a three year apprenticeship, which is a standard length for most building trades, finishing with an NVQ.

The central section of glazing is almost in.  It is made up of bespoke parts, for example the glazing channel, the seal between the channel and the glass and the glass itself.  Modern glass is often hermetically sealed with a gas added in the middle to give it a higher insulation value.


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