16 March

With the completion of the glazing and external cladding the scaffolding on the outside of the building has now been removed.

They have started to lay the vinyl covering to the floor.  The moisture content was suitable to lay the vinyl straight on to the screed.  The ground floor storage roller racking will be installed from next Monday.

The decorators are making good progress throughout the building.  The external doors are now fitted and glazed.  Work continues on the internal doors and the folding partition doors between the learning room and tearoom are still to go in.

The groundworkers have completed excavations for the services.  From the edge of the site boundary the utility companies then connect up each service.  Gas and electric have been connected so far.

The groundworkers have started on the external paving, the patio outside the tearoom.

The kitchen has been installed and the lift is being commissioned today.

Key jobs over the next two weeks are the external landscaping of the site and connection of the water supply.  The vinyl will be laid in the tearoom and learning room.


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